Photos from the Region 1 2001 Bulletin
Page 1 - Markham/Wilson Garden and   Persian Wood
Page 2 - Aardvark Antickz and Delirium
Page 3 - Starwoman , Black Currant and a view of a  convention bed at Hermit Medlar's Walk
Page 4 - Fooled Me, Quinalt and Martha Hutcheson's garden
Page 5 - Chartres, Lucky Old Sun and Martha Hutcheson's seedling 96-333BDT
Page 6a - Sinister Desire, Love Unlimited , Sinister Desire  and a view of Connie Hall's garden
Page 6b - Whistle, Maui Moonlight and Connie Hall's Patio Bed
Page 7 - Moonglade, Swoon  and David Schmieder's seedling
Page 15 - Careles Sally and Dr. Currier and Elisabeth McEwen with the AIS Gold Medal
Page 18 - Bill and Ada Godfrey's 2001 Introductions: Apple Pippen , Crafted and Heart's Radiance
Page 19 - Dirigo Pink Milestone and John Burton and Shirley Pope with the Williamson-White Award
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