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Currier and Elizabeth McEwen  at the Maine Japanese Iris Show in July, 2000
Currier and Elizabeth McEwen at the 2000 Maine Japanese Iris Show.
Elizabeth is holding the Gold Medal awarded to Currier by the American Iris Society in 1999

Region 1 Remembers Dr. Currier McEwen

Dr. Currier McEwen passed away on June 23, 2003 at the age of 101. Dr. McEwen authored three of the definitive books on japanese and siberian iris. A pioneering and prolific hybridizer, Dr. McEwen introduced more than 160 siberian and japanese iris and was the first to induce tetraploidy in japanese and siberian iris. Four of Dr. McEwen's siberian iris introductions received the highest award, of American Iris Society specifically for siberian iris, the Morgan Award which was succeeded by the Morgan-Wood Medal. Butter and Sugar won the Morgan Award in 1981 and in 1986, the first Morgan-Wood Medal. Five of Dr. McEwen's japanese iris introductions received the Payne Award, the highest AIS award specifically for japanese iris. Dr. McEwen recieved the AIS Hybridizers medal in 1976, the comparable Foster Memorial Plaque of the British Iris Society in 1977, the Distinguished Service Medal of the Perennial Plant Association in 1991, the Luther Burbank Award from the American Horticultural Society in 1995 and the AIS Gold Medal in 1999. A founder of the Society for Siberian Iris, Dr. McEwen served as president of both the Society for Siberian Iris and the Society for Japanese Iris and chaired the AIS Scientific Committee.

Gardening Tools: Watering Can A Tribute to Dr. Currier McEwen and his Iris
Gardening Tools: Fork Favorite Currier McEwen Iris in Region 1

Centenary (2002 - japanese iris) Centenary (2002 - japanese iris)
Honour (2001 - japanese iris) Honour (2001 - japanese iris)

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